Guide to Korea for my Roommate

My roommate is a Korean who was adopted into an American family. This coming Monday, he will be in Korea for the first time since he was born. He’s also a professional chef, so naturally, he’s interested in trying the food of his motherland. I’m so jealous – I want to go to Korea and eat! I’ve settled upon living vicariously and compiled a list of my personal favorites here:


Meaty Dishes

Dak dori tang …….. 닭 도 리 탕
Spicy chicken stew with potatoes


Choon chun dak galbi …….. 춘 천 닭 갈 비
Chicken stir fry with vegetables


Sam gyup sal …….. 삼 겹 살
Pork belly meat; best served with aged kimchi, rice, and soju

Rice Dishes

Gim bab …….. 김 밥
Korean style sushi; futomaki on steroids


Ssam bab …….. 쌈 밥
Rice with meats and a variety of lettuces and greens for wrapping


Dol sot bibimbap …….. 돌 솥 비 빔 밥
Stone pot rice with red pepper paste, egg, meat, and vegetables; gets toasted and crispy on the bottom


Noo roong ji …….. 누 룽 지
Crispy toasted rice snack; often boiled into a tea

Noodle Dishes

Kal guk soo + Wang man doo …….. 칼 국 수 + 왕 만 두
Hand cut noodles in a beef and/or anchovy based broth with huge boiled potstickers


Mul naeng myun …….. 물 냉 면
Cold, chewy buckwheat noodles in a sweet vinegary broth with cucumber and radish


Bibim naeng myun …….. 비 빔 냉 면
Cold, chewy buckwheat noodles with red pepper paste and vegetables


Jap chae …….. 잡 채
Clear, tender noodles with sesame oil, vegetables, and meat


Jja jang myun …….. 짜 장 면
Koreanized Chinese hand-pulled noodles with black bean sauce; you can get this delivered (beh dal) to your accommodations in any Korean urban center


Pat bing soo …….. 팥 빙 수
Red bean shaved ice with fruits, ice cream, and/or condensed milk


Ppo kki …….. 뽂 기
Street food dessert; carmelized sugar disk on a stick (tastes JUST LIKE salted caramel ice cream!)


Pong ti gui …….. 뻥 튀 기
Slightly sweet toasted rice cracker; available in food carts and in grocery stores


Hae jang guk …….. 해 장 국
Congealed ox blood soup with various meats and veggies to cure a hangover


Dduk bok kki …….. 떡 뽁 기
Rice cakes with fish cakes and green onions in red spicy sauce


Bin dae dduk …….. 빈 대 떡
Mung bean pancakes with vegetables, meat, and kimchi – kind of like a Korean-style okonomiyaki


Pa jun …….. 파 전
Korean-style green onion pancake; crispier and less glutinous than its Chinese counterpart


Pojang macha …….. 포 장 마 차
Small, tented restaurant on wheels; serves alcohol and drunk food late at night


Mak gul ee …….. 막 걸 리
Korean rice wine; milky and sweet

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