Meals 108: Moveable Feast

Went to Moveable Feast, a food truck market, for lunch. Think Off the Grid in the South Bay, without the crowds or the pretension. Moveable Feast touts some of the most sought-after SF-based food trucks in addition to South Bay staples, and the lineup changes every week.

Props to my friend Joanna for her work as Moveable Feast’s Market Manager – can’t wait to eat what’s next!

This time, I chowed down on Curry Up Now, We Sushi, Treatbot, and Soulnese. Yum (duh). See for yourself below.

Breakfast: Wheat flakes cereal with dehydrated strawberries, soymilk

Breakfast: Wheat flakes with dehydrated strawberries cereal, soymilk

Wheel of Fire roll from We Sushi at Moveable Feast

Lunch from We Sushi at Moveable Feast: Wheel of Fire roll (spicy California roll topped with albacore tuna and jalapeño slices; lightly torched for a crispy sear)

Chicken Tikka Masala burrito from Curry Up Now

Lunch from Curry Up Now at Moveable Feast: Chicken tikka masala burrito

Fried egg roll filled with mac and cheese

Lunch from Soulnese at Moveable Feast: Mac N Roll (fried egg roll filled with macaroni and cheese, served with garlic ginger ranch sauce)

Hochata ice cream, peanut butter swirl ice cream

Midday dessert from Treatbot at Moveable Feast: Horchata and peanut butter swirl ice cream in a waffle cone

Cabbage-wrapped bulgogi

Dinner: Mom's cabbage-wrapped bulgogi with brown rice

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