Meals 113: Our garden and creme brulee


As you can see, our office garden is flourishing. We’ve got lettuce, radishes, carrots, parsley, and beets. This photo was actually taken a few weeks ago; by now, the plants have almost outgrown our plot, and the vegetables are ready for harvesting.

As if I need yet another excuse to eat at work, my co-worker Sandy made awesome creme brulees at home and torched them in the office right before serving. Delicious. She used Alton Brown’s recipe.

Breakfast: Puffins cereal with soymilk, Odwalla Green Superfood juice

miso soup, okonomiyaki, sushi, squash

Lunch: Miso soup, okonomiyaki, avocado carrot sushi rolls, roasted squash, mixed greens

Creme brulee

Midday dessert: Sandy's creme brulee

Dinner of carrots, kale, roasted turnips, pork belly

Dinner: Carrots, kale, roasted turnips, pork belly



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