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Meals 104: Pho + flu

Woke up with the flu. Hibernated and ordered food from Tony and Alba’s via GrubHub. In the evening, Marshall brought me pho from Pho Garden. That psychic fool.

berry yogurt cereal

Breakfast: Wheat flake cereal with yogurt-covered berries and soymilk, vanilla Activia yogurt

Chicken marinara penne and minestrone soup from Tony and Alba's

Lunch delivered from Tony and Alba's: chicken marinara penne and minestrone soup

Pho from Pho Garden

Dinner from Pho Garden: Pho

Meals 101: Sourdough Jack + Chinese New Year

The title of this post makes it sound like a course offering.

I tried the Sourdough Jack for the first time last week. The fact that I’m so excited about a sandwich from Jack in the Box could be considered an educational introduction to the way I perceive meals.

Celebrated Chinese New Year with Marshall and his family. Baked blueberry mochi cake and peanut butter cookies for the occasion. They liked the mochi cake.

600 calories - worth every bite

Brunch: Sourdough Jack sandwich

Green onion pancake, brown rice, bok choy, barbequed pork, chicken, prawns

Dinner: Green onion pancake, brown rice, bok choy, barbequed pork, chicken, prawns

Peanut butter cookies with strawberry and apricot jam filling

Dessert: Gluten-free peanut butter cookies with strawberry and apricot jam filling

Blueberry mochi cake - whole sheet

Dessert: Blueberry mochi cake

Meals 100: El Farolito + Passion Pit

It’s my 100th day of blogged meals.

I went to a Passion Pit concert with Anita in San Francisco. I’m a Manners and Chunk of Change fanatic, but sadly, the band didn’t play any of those songs – rather, they integrated themselves into the venue’s ‘untz untz’ clubbing music set. The integration was so seamless, in fact, that we couldn’t detect any difference between the DJing done by Passion Pit and all the others. Disappointing, but we still got to stare down the eclectic crowd. Of note:

1) Guy wearing ‘FOSTER THE PEOPLE’ t-shirt that was about three sizes too small. Looked uncomfortable.
2) Plaid. Plaid everywhere.
3) Awkward advancer: “may I have this dance?” To which I replied, “LET’S ALL DANCE TOGETHER!!!!” and started synchronized jumping with Anita. I think we scared him away good. I give him props for trying.

By far the best part of our night was sharing a super suiza quesadilla at El Farolito after the show. Ahhh, I love the city.

toast with flaxseed, carrot juice, melons, clementine oranges

Breakfast: Wheat toast with peanut butter and flaxmeal, honeydew, cantaloupe, clementines, carrot juice

pulled pork sliders with lima bean salad

Lunch: Pulled pork sliders, lima bean and mixed greens salad

Dungeons and dragons roll, spicy crispy hamachi roll, futomaki from Rocketfish

Dinner from Rocketfish: Dungeons and dragons roll, spicy crispy hamachi roll, futomaki

Super Suiza quesadilla from El Farolito

Midnight snack from El Farolito: Vegetarian super suiza quesadilla with avocado, cheese, and sour cream

Meals 98: Shabuway with Lauren

Finally got sheets for my bed. The color scheme was inspired by the late Kim Jong Il’s uniform. Take THAT, bare mattress.
gray sheets on Jen Lee's bed with her teddy bear
Another win: dinner at Shabuway with Lauren. Brings me back to our glory days. Has it really been ten years since our skit won the spirit rally? We convinced our entire class to wear black. Because we’re awesome like that.
Dinner at Shabuway with Jen Lee and Lauren Skilken
I don’t know how such a light, healthy breakfast gave way to bacon cheeseburgers and Kobe beef shabu shabu, but I’m not complaining.

Breakfast of carrot juice, bran cereal, and soymilk

Breakfast: Carrot juice, bran flakes cereal, soymilk

bacon cheeseburger on English muffin with mixed greens and pinto beans

Lunch: Bacon cheeseburger on whole wheat English muffin, mixed greens, broccoli, pinto beans

dinner from shabuway with lean Kobe beef, seaweed broth, and spicy miso broth

Dinner from Shabuway: Lean Kobe beef, seaweed broth, spicy miso broth, ponzu sauce, sesame sauce, vegetables

Meals 98

My brunch from the day before was today’s breakfast AND dinner. Thankfully, my new roommate Kristian made guacamole in the evening to mix it up a bit.

breakfast burrito from Bobbi's with hash browns

Breakfast: Leftover breakfast burrito with bacon, eggs, Italian sausage, cheese, and potatoes, with hash browns

Sloppy joe, squash, caesar salad lunch

Lunch: Bean crostini, sloppy joe sandwich, broccoli, caesar salad, squash

bobbi's breakfast burrito with guacamole and hash browns

Dinner: Leftover breakfast burrito with bacon, eggs, cheese, Italian sausage, and potatoes, with hash browns and Kristian's guacamole