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Meals 96: eat ALL the things!1

This is what happens when you grossly overestimate the amount of food that seventeen people can consume, and somehow, all of it needs to be out of the Tahoe rental cabin by check-out time. We had a fridge full of salsa, guacamole, deli meat, ground beef, orange juice, whipped cream, berries, butter, jam, beans, bell peppers, and mixed greens, among other things. We couldn’t leave any of it behind, or we’d risk losing the security deposit.
eat ALL the things
We got creative though. Check out Warren’s ice cream pancake concoction.
Warren Tsu with pancakes, whipped cream, strawberries, and blackberry jam
The rest of our brunch was similarly eclectic but altogether very satisfactory.

I tried Five Guys burgers for the first time on our drive back to the bay! What a win this trip has been for upscale fast food, i.e., the skinniest kids at the fat camp.

And for dinner, Marshall ordered some Taiwanese dishes. I had no idea what to expect because I don’t understand a word of Mandarin, but I ended up enjoying them very much. Maybe even more so because of the element of surprise.

Bacon, meatballs, black beans, hash browns, and scrambled eggs brunch

Brunch: Basil meatballs, bacon, black beans, green bell pepper omelette, hash browns

Pancakes with strawberries, browned butter bananas, blackberry jam, whipped cream, ice cream

Brunch: Pancakes with strawberries, browned butter bananas, blackberry jam, whipped cream, ice cream

Little cheeseburger from five guys

Linner from Five Guys: Little cheeseburger with barbeque sauce

Taiwanese minced meat and vegetables

Dinner: Taiwanese minced meat and vegetables

1Adapted from the “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!” meme of Hyperbole and a Half

Meals 91: Bon voyage, Christina

My sister Christina went back to school in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. She’s studying art at Carnegie Mellon University, and she’s produced some impressive works in the past few months:

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.45.21 PM

Intrigued? Check out more of her stuff in herĀ online portfolio.

In order to send Christina back to school properly, our family had sushi, followed by Asian-style desserts, two food genres not easily found (up to her California-conditioned standards) in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Cornflakes with soymilk, vanilla Activia yogurt for breakfast

Breakfast: Vanilla Activia yogurt, cornflakes with soymilk

Lunch with shredded pork, hominy, broccoli, mixed greens, tuna quesadilla

Lunch: Spicy shredded pork, hominy, broccoli, mixed greens, tuna quesadilla

mayan hot chocolate

Midday dessert: Mayan hot chocolate shot

Seaweed salad with sesame oil

Dinner from Sushi O Sushi: Seaweed salad

Japanese-style beef short ribs from Sushi O Sushi

Dinner: Japanese-style beef short ribs

Agedashi tofu from Sushi O Sushi

Dinner: Agedashi tofu

Miso soup from Sushi O Sushi

Dinner: Miso soup

Omega three roll, spicy kani tuna roll from Sushi o Sushi

Dinner: Omega three roll and spicy kani tuna roll

baked salmon with california roll known as Lion King Roll from Sushi o Sushi

Dinner: Lion King Roll

Salmon, yellowtail, and maguro tuna sashimi

Dinner: Salmon, yellowtail, and maguro tuna sashimi

Green tea bingsoo aka shaved ice

Dessert from Honeyberry: Green tea, banana, and kiwi with frozen yogurt and shaved ice (bingsoo)

Waffle with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream

Dessert: Waffle with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream

Meals 27 + second half marathon

I ran my second half marathon ever today, at the Run with the Jets event in San Mateo. The course was much flatter than the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, but the ocean views were just as spectacular. I saw runners there from ages 12 to 65. I can only hope I’ll be that healthy when I turn 65.

At the half-marathon starting line with Ellina, Sharon, and Karen

Breakfast: Banana and strawberry-shortcake flavored Pure Protein bar (for half marathon)

Lunch: Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen with hardboiled egg from Santa Ramen

Dinner: Sesame chicken salad with romaine lettuce, snap peas,
sprouts, and red cabbage from Trader Joe’s, tossed in a big steel bowl

ta da.

I wanted to call my blog “Jentrification” but of course, that was already taken.

“Jentrification of Potrero Hill” was too long.

It’s a good thing I like verbs.

I spelled ‘Potrero’ right…right?

Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation Inspiration

What I did in Photoshop last night. I think my face looks a little too turned though. I attempted to take a better picture of myself using Photo Booth on the shuttle this morning, but the ride was too bumpy and the lighting too inconsistent to get a good shot. Not to mention the stares I got from all the Googlers diligently working on the shuttle…screw that; I was being vain and taking pictures of myself. For an artistic purpose…kinda.

I could spend hours experimenting with the Clone Stamp Tool to recreate that scratched-desk texture. I plan to use splines from the Pen tool to sharpen the edges of my abstracted facial features.

Next step? Making the text say “The Jentrification Of Potrero Hill”, in that scratchy writing. Maybe I’ll scratch those words into my desk and take a picture.